The Intruder: The “so-bad-it’s-good” kindof ride

So The Intruder opened this past weekend, following up an absolute blockbuster of what was (and still is) the Avengers:Endgame box office fireworks show. This Intruder/thriller flick comes in with a story of freshly married couple Scott and Annie Howard (played by Michael Ealy and Meagan Good respectively) who purchase an estate from one Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid). As the trailer quite obviously gives away, Quaid quite quickly becomes our “intruder”. And soon as he does, things get sloppy..let’s talk about why.

You know those movies that we cringingly watch, knowing damn well they’re not “good”? The kind where the dialogue and the script are so all over the place that it becomes a little funny? Insert, “The Intruder”. There are certain scenes where music is played between edits really out of place, and others where we see one of the leads do something crazy laughable under their given circumstances. In the thriller/intruder horror genre in general, we all know that we’ll find ourselves in a “girl, just call the cops!” or a “seriously, you didn’t think about that first?” kind of moment. This is quite simply because to make a horror/intruder-style film work, you need to have yourself some semi-idiots. This isn’t to say the two leads don’t do a decent job, because they honestly do ok. If I can be blunt, I think the team on this one spent more time on building designer outfits for Meagan Good than they did focusing on the script itself. But hey, all this isn’t to say The Intruder wasn’t fun; because as the title suggests, it’s truly “so bad it’s good”. Dennis Quaid plays an extremely convincing sociopath villain, the side characters are at least interesting, and the setting really fits the desired mood. Yet, for the most part, I honestly found myself laughing at this one much more than being “thrilled” by it. That said, the review. For a predictable plot, tedious pacing and a tub of “screw it, it was honestly an entertaining crap movie” I give It a 5.5/10. You won’t remember this one next year, but don’t worry..there will always be more just like it. Thanks for hanging out and reading,

Peep, out 👋🏼

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