Avengers: Endgame.

Before I go into anything at all on this film, I have to say this. I gave some thought as to whether I would do a “spoiler free” review, or just dive in headfirst having to spill the beans on damn near everything. I’ve decided that for the sake of discussion, we can’t talk about this one without getting lightly into spoiler territory, but I do my best not to say much. But with that said, there’s no reason at all not to be careful. This is your moment: LEAVE NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS FILM! With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The summer of my 8th grade year in junior high school, my dad and I took a trip to the theater to watch a movie about a superhero I (at the time) knew very little about. This trip was for a movie called Iron Man; and let me just tell you, it changed everything for me. This was a new type of cinematic experience for me. See not only was it an incredible stand-alone story, but it was a building block for something so much bigger than itself. Those building blocks grew stronger and stronger with the likes of Captain America (2011), and again with Thor that exact same year. It was potently clear that we were all about to be a part of something extraordinary, and something that would span the course of the several years. 11 years, to be exact. And that leads us to now-the Endgame.

Avengers:Endgame showcases our survivors of last year’s Infinity War snap in their best effort to rewrite history, for better or worse. We see characters coping with loss, with sense of failure, and some with just simply a tireless urge to bring back those fallen. Particularly noteworthy in their performances I would say would be Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, who may have finally truly “sunk in” to the ever-so light and likable Scott Lang. Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner) gets what appears to be his longest screen time yet in Avengers film, which does absolutely nothing but pay off. However, the real show stealers in my opinion were our original trio: Cap, Thor, and Tony Stark.

We have all been on this beautiful, amazing ride with these characters for 11 years, and what I watched last night (and again today) was the pinnacle of story-telling for these characters. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and company are showcased in their absolute prime here facing challenges of love lost, love found, and the importance of friendship and family. 11 years ago this coming week we all began this amazing character piece with them, and it’s with damn good reason that we end it with them. I could easily carry on about this movie for what could probably be pages on end, and maybe one day I might; but for now, let me give you a legitimate “review”.

As a kid, I’d watch tv shows with massive finales and crazy spectacles and showdowns. Those shows were cartoons, and had fake blood and characters could be replaced or “rebooted” at a moments notice. Never real people, never seemingly “real” consequence. What the Russo brothers and Marvel Studios were able to deliver with this team of incredible talent, for the last 11 years, was knit so seamlessly to perfection in this 3 hour spectacle. Pacing feels strange at times in the first and second act, but it’s simply for the satisfying payoff of nostalgia (I won’t get into that here, but wow what a damn good job). Visuals are astounding, the character banter and script are a total blast, and some character arcs in particular are flat out hilarious. What about fight scenes? I may be being bold here, but roughly the last 50 minutes of this film is already truly my favorite last act of any movie I’ve ever seen on the big screen; in my life. But it must go without saying that this movie will hold a special place in mine, and many others’ hearts for another reason altogether. It holds the place of being “the finale”.

It is both an ending, and a new beginning. It is both beautiful, and devastating. Both tremendously sad, and unbelievably peaceful. For taking the challenge of being one of the most important movies of my generation and tackling it with grace, courage and no barres held, Avengers:Endgame flies right over my typical 1-10 scale. I loved it 3000. Thanks for reading, and I hope you loved this experience as much as I did.

Peep, out👋🏼

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