Us: Welcome back, Mr. Peele.

Two years ago, Jordan Peele gave the world “Get Out“. A psychological thriller/horror that put Peele on the map as a writer + director combo not to be taken lightly. This weekend, he’s returned with that same perseverance. Us tells the story of Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’O) and husband Gabe (Winston Duke) who take their kids to the family beach house for a peaceful getaway, when suddenly, a family of four show up in the driveway. The catch? They are four identical clones of the family themselves. Now, the family will becomes tested in ways they never could’ve imagined, and the viewer is taken on a socio-economical, and psychological rollercoaster.

Us proceeds throughout its 2hr runtime to transcend boundaries of genre, and to become something much bigger than its own two feet. The direction and editing is done with such precision and detail that each and every scene is as important and as critical to the story as the last. There was actually a moment during the film where my fiancé leaned over and said, “We could pause this movie at any frame, and it would be amazing to see by itself”. This couldn’t be more true. The set pieces add such an intensity to the story, and each and every actor/actress brings it all to the table. Lupita Nyong’o has delivered a performance(s) here in Us that not only will be career-changing for her in its showcase, but is bound to net her a few nominations. Jordan Peele’s “Us” is the absolute pinnacle for movie-goers. You walk into this curious, hopeful, and possibly a bit afraid. But you walk out of it thinking, thinking again, and thinking out loud. The film is a thriller, it is a horror, and its roots lie as deep as historical American culture. If there has been absolutely any contention that Jordan Peele is not the rising thriller-king of this generation, rest assured there will be no more contention after Us. For unbelievable performances, masterful writing and visuals/soundtrack that won’t let me sleep tonight, Us gets an extremely rare 10/10 for me. See it, and see it again. Step aside, Captain Marvel; Mr. Peele is back. Thanks for reading as always,

Peep, out👋🏼

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