Alita: Battle Angel. The one I REALLY didn’t want to prove me right..

So Alita: Battle Angel has its US release this weekend, but my fiancé and I had the “luxury” of sliding into an early screening last night. For those like myself who actually didn’t have a clue that this content was based on a previously existing Manga serious titled “Gunnm” I feel like knowing the source material prior to my first sitting would’ve better prepared me for what I was in for; hopefully? But what I did get, was a visual spectacle, and not much else. While many (self included) hoped Alita would floor us with its visuals, and woo us with performances from the likes of Christoph Waltz and possibly lead Rosa Salazar, what we end up with here is an almost “muddied” attempt at several different things. We see tonal inconsistencies ranging from: one second we’re a heartfelt father/daughter film, another we’re almost “gory” (blue blood, it was weird to see) high-tenacity action anime film. And don’t get me wrong, in some films, both of these can be pulled off. But when it comes to Alita: Battle Angel, Robert Rodriguez and company bite off much more than they can chew. In its 2 hour run time, the film tries being both an origin story and an attempt to draw in what feels like several sequel possibilities. Does it looks pretty? Most definitely. Does it sound pretty? Sure, I’d say so. Does it feel like a quality product because of those two things? Most certainly not. And I’ve gotta say it; despite its $200 million dollar budget (you heard that right) I can’t honestly tell you I recommend you checking this one out. For throwing an arsenal of visual magic in your face with damn near nothing else to support it, Alita: Battle Angel gets a 4.5/10 from me. Thanks as always for reading,

Peep, out👋🏼

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