So to kick things off, I’d like to throw my two cents down on the latest trip to the theater..and this one’s for M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass”. Glass comes out of the gate with a lot of weight on its shoulders, right? We’re now closing up a nearly 20 year old trilogy and bringing together an ensemble cast of Willis, Jackson, and McAvoy; an absolute powerhouse of a cast. So the first act of the film kicks off strong, and we’re re-introduced to a very hardened, and seemingly defeated version of David Dunn (Bruce Willis). We’re almost immediately clued in to the fact that his motive in this movie is to pursue the recently discovered “Beast”, (McAvoy) and to hopefully halt him from another round of teenage girl kidnappings (and who the Hell knows what else). With what was in my opinion an extremely strong start, Glass delivers rich dialogue, engaging character development, and more absolutely flawless talent from McAvoy. I mean seriously, can we please stop for a second and appreciate this guy’s versatility? Shyamalan has him shifting from persona to persona within a take, with absolutely no break in shot, and he crushes it. Performances from Willis and Jackson don’t hesitate to fall suit, however, with an honorable mention needed from the always engaging Sarah Paulson. Well damn it, Peep, the critics BASHED this one; what the Hell went wrong? Let’s talk about it.

As the second act starts to unfold, Shyamalan dives into territory that feels not only a bit overzealous, but takes Glass into a world building process that (possibly) goes too deep over its head. We see character arcs that are beautiful, intense, and flaringly dramatic. But here’s the problem..without going too into spoilers, Glass transcends from being a conclusion to a character piece, to a universe that feels much bigger than what we’re given on screen. It delivers a final act that bites off what many are saying is just too much to chew; and in some sense, I agree. So what are my thoughts? Well, I honestly really enjoyed it. Glass has talent on screen that we honestly just don’t get much of in the genre, at least without breaking often for high-budget explosives and an overdone contemporary soundtrack. Where powerhouses like Marvel and DC give us superheroes with heart and spectacle, it feels damn good to see a group of “villains” take center stage. Score- 7.8 out of 10, for flawless acting, character development, and just a pinch of “oh come on, Shyamalan”. See you next time.

Peep, out👋🏼


2 thoughts on “Glass: A Split Audience, an Unbreakable McAvoy

  1. Nice write up I have been on the fence about seeing this movie given that I have honestly given up on Shyamalan. Though I loved Unbreakable for the amazing acting in it. I missed Split due to my writing off of Shyamalan however Glass does have me intrigued. Thanks to your review while I might not see this I will give Split and Glass a chance because of the amazing cast Shyamalan has put together.


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