What’s up, everybody. So today on 1/22/2019, I take a leap that I probably (most definitely) should have taken, eh, several years ago? Anyway, Peep This Review is my way of finally taking my passion for film critiquing to the web, in a way that’s hopefully both insightful and honest. Having at one point gone to college “thinking” I’d study film, I quickly realized film wasn’t meant to be my day job; it was meant to be my hobby. And unlike possibly the majority, I never want my hobby and my work day to be one in the same (he says somewhat confidently?). What I hope to deliver to you guys is a weekly contribution of a short and sweet movie review, whether currently in theaters or from your neighborhood Red Box. This will be a huge learning experience for me, but one I do truly feel like I can’t let get away. Your first review lands this weekend. Thanks for hanging out,



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